Ancient Gods Slots

Once, the world was an extremely primitive and dangerous place. Enormous wooly mammoths and rhinoceroses roamed the plains, hunted by extremely huge lions and tigers, cats of all kinds. These ancient people prayed to many different gods to find protection and peace in these dangerous times. Ancient Gods Slots honors those ancient gods and goddesses from the legendary tales, stories that have stood the test of time. They are all here in this thrilling slots game. It's high-action, beautifully designed and fun to play.

Going Inside the Realm of the Gods

In this game, the ancient gods live in a lush, eye-popping world that's full of moss-covered rocks and gorgeous falling waterfalls. But it's when you start to see the reels spin that you will start to see the symbols that really bring this world to life and make it sing.

When the Reels Turn

In the ancient days, people used symbolism to communicate with the gods, to give them offerings and attempt to receive blessings. They worshipped animals, like soaring eagles and wise turtles and mythical creatures like dragons. You will find these creatures on the reels, too, along with scales and metals and precious materials that were important throughout the ancient world.

Communicating with the Gods

Spin the reels to look for the symbols that will help you communicate with the gods. You can tap into your own godlike powers by customizing your bets. There are 25 available pay lines where you can get matching symbols, but you don't have to play all of these pay lines. In fact, you can choose to bet just $0.01 on a single pay line for a total bet of $0.01. Or, bet $0.01 on all 25 pay lines to bet a total of $0.25. You can take your bet all the way up to $1 on every single pay line for a bet of $25. Bigger bets lead to bigger wins but they can also lead to bigger losses, so you want to play it smart. Bet more when you're winning and bing your bet back when you're not. Learn when to bet big and win to bet small, and you will create a winning strategy that will increase the money in your account.

Bringing the World to Life

In the past, all slots games were static. The reels would spin, the images would land where they landed and that was it. You would spin again and watch it all happen on repeat. But this game is much more dynamic. There are animations and moving graphics, flashing colors and movement.

Find Your Divine Powers With Ancient Gods Slots

Do you have the power of the gods? Maybe you can have it at least while you're playing this slots game. Find Ancient Gods Slots at online casinos. You can also get this game as an app that you can play on your phone any time. There is a free play option, but you'll only make money when you gamble for real money.