Banana Jones Slots

Even if you've never been to a casino, you know casino games. You can play them on mobile devices, consoles and all gaming platforms and gambling-style games using cards and dice have been popular for centuries. But you haven't seen a gambling game quite like Banana Jones before.

Choosing Your Adventure

Banana Jones allows you to choose your bet right away. Unlike with other online gambling games, where your bet may rise in tiny increments and you can bet across a wide range of numbers, this game has a select few bet options to choose from. You will bet $0.02, $0.50, $1, $2 and $5. The game board will reveal itself and your adventure will start after you place your bet. This game really is an adventure, with an exciting setting.

On the Game Board

You are in a tropical jungle. There is an ancient building across a lake from you. The surface of the water is dotted with lily pads and vines, with some little flowers poking up around them. You will use these to get across the water and into the building. The only trouble is, the path is full of dangers. There are snakes, vines and other obstacles on the board as well. However, there are also glittering gems that can be collected as you advance across the board.

Playing Games Within the Game

When you land on specific symbols, you will launch little mini-games. These fun little extra games add another interesting element. You might pull up a spinning wheel, which is where you can win money. You may also get to open up treasure boxes in a different mini-game. The more mini-games you unlock, the more ways you can find to win.

How to Play to Win

Your bet is good for five spins of the wheel, which controls how many spaces you will move on the game board. To get another five turns, you will bet money again. Keep betting to keep finding more mini-games and collecting more gems, which get added to your balance. You may just find a big jackpot in one of the games.

Going on a Gambling Adventure

This is a highly interactive game that has little games inside the main game, multiple ways to win and a good theme. The design is very prety, full of shades of green with bright pops of pink and purple. Go on a gambling adventure to see how much money you can make.