Panda's Gold Slots

The unique architecture, plant life and animals that live in the Far East have a distinct look that is like nothing else in the world. The beautiful water-loving flowers that drift by on gentle ripples, the jaw-dropped curved roofs of pagodas, the bright colorful fish and bird life that live in the trees and tall grasses. It all comes together in Panda's Gold Slots.

A Classic World

The look and design of classic China is on full display in this slots game. The background of the game displays a truly beautiful world. It's a lovely lake with trees and a blue sky in the background. Buildings with pagoda roofs create an amazing skyline. Tailing leaves hang in front of the screen. This sets the stage for the pretty symbols you will find on the game board.

The Symbols on the Reels

There are five reels and three rows where you will find colorful symbols that clearly create an Asian, Far East design. You will see beautiful flowers, swimming koi fish in multiple shades of orange and white, beautiful pagoda building. The game board is also covered with colorful letters and numbers. Get enough ot these symbols and you will get enough winnings to really make the most out of your time.

Finding Ways to Win

The game board has 88 pay lines where you can make the winning combinations that will put money in your pocket. Bet as little as $0.50 or go all the way up to $50 to determine how much you're going to win or lose. The design is beautiful, the colors all work together perfectly and when the reels spin, the action is super fun and fast-paced. Watch the symbols spin and the color swirl and hopefully, you will soon hear the sound of more money being added to your account.

The Panda in Asian Culture

In Asian tradition, pandas represent peace and friendship. They are also black and white. The idea of yin and yang is captured by black and white, contrasting colors that represent the positive and negative aspects of all things.

Finding Panda's Gold Slots

Digital casinos carry slots games of all kinds, including Panda's Gold Slots. Look for this title at online casinos and you will find it. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Asian design while you play to win big money. Let this mysterious world lead you to your riches.